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Bude Music Society review

The Countess of Munster Trust, which sponsors young musicians, provided Bude Music Society with yet another wonderful concert at Minstrels Music Centre on Sunday.
Adelia Myslov (Violin) and Craig White (Piano) proved very worthy recipients. The mark of good performers is always the ability to be in such confident technical control that full attention can be given to interpretation.

Beginning with unaccompanied Bach (in this case the 3rd Partita) is always challenging, but Adelia was totally involved and fully controlled from the first moments. She produced a wonderfully rich tone with varied vibrato speeds and detailed bowing. Double stopping and harmonics, though fully exposed, presented no problems to this surprisingly mature and confident player.

The Prokofiev 2nd Sonata and the Brahms 1st Sonata gave the opportunity for some beautiful duo playing. They had an extraordinary ability to communicate without apparent visual contact, basing their rapport on concentrated listening and were always well matched in phrasing and the shaping of rallentandi and tempo changes. The balance and the structure were always well shown.

Two spectacular showcase pieces were chosen for the remainder of the programme and both players were fully up to the challenge. The Sarasate Spanish Dances were written to show off his own virtuoso technique and his Stradivarius violin ( now bequeathed to a museum and known as the Sarasate Stradivarius). Ravel’s Tzigane, a throwback to Paganini and Sarasate and full of Hungarian gypsy influence, was originally written to be accompanied by a piano with a patented attachment, known as a luthéal. This produced different registrations, one of which imitated the Hungarian cimbalom. Fortunately, Ravel abandoned this device in later versions.

The appreciative audience demanded an encore and Adelia chose the quieter and more delicate Liebeslieder Waltzes – a great favourite and sensitively performed by both of these very talented artists.